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Container freight

"TransTactic" organizes container freight in all directions by rail, sea and road transport:

Container freight from China
Container freight in Russia and CIS
Container freight

Container freight - is modern and the most efficient form of freight. It is safe and profitable - construction of container is strong, tight and in case of multimodal freight ( by using different kinds of freight), there is no need in trans-shipment of cargo.

 Advantages of container freight are obvious:
- Exception of cargo theft, reduction of insurance costs.
- Security of cargo from damage.
- Reduced packaging costs.
- Performance improvements for handling (at the transshipment point) due to mechanization and automatization.
- Ability of delivery "from door to door."
- Ability of use as temporary storage (reduction of the need for storage space).

You can get more information about technical ability and cost of container freight from our specialists by phone +7 (343) 2075432 or send an e-mail container@transtactic.biz.