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Multimodal freight

Multimodal freight is a combination of several types of transport, and that is why role of freight forwarding company (operator of multimodal freight) is so important.
Only skilled and experienced operator of multimodal freight is able to build correct the logistic chain and avoid additional costs by the joining of transport of different types. Here every detail matters and for the success of freight there are necessary a lot of conditions:

- exact observance of delivery terms by each freighter,

- comprehension of normative documents, that regulate the activity of each type of transport,

- knowledge of freight market (different types of freight in different regions),

- prediction of availability of free transport.
As you can see a specialist who organizes multimodal freight should have a broad knowledge and experience in all types of freight.

"TransTactic" is a team of high-qualified specialists in multimodal freight who always will solve any problem in delivery of your cargo.

"TransTactic" provides multimodal freight with trans-shipment of cargo in ports of St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Nakhodka, Vladivostok.

There can be any freight direction. List of countries where we are operating is constanly increasing: India, China, Korea, Japan, USA, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Finland, Egypt, etc.

Do you need to deliver cargo to/from Western Europe, North or South America, Africa, Australia, South East or South Asia? "TransTactic" will always make your order. Make a request for multimodal freight by telephone +7 (343) 2075432 or e-mail mmodal@transtacitic.biz.